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Glitzy New Years eve drinks

By jo anne

Glitter rim drinks ohgoodiedesigns

Dress up your drink table with these GLITZY New Years Eve glasses! These glitter rimmed drinks would definitely make a statement at your New Years Eve party!! Cheers to a New Year with glitz and glamour!!

Image styled by Sweet Details  for the book Celebrate by Confetti Fair

Photography by Giggles Photography


Glitter cupcakes

By jo anne

Glitter cupcakes ohgoodiedesigns

Add these glitter gold cupcakes to your New Years Eve party! They look yummy and festive all in one cupcake! Almost too cute to not eat!!

Image styled by Sweet Details  for the book Celebrate by Confetti Fair

Photography by Giggles Photography

Shower in Confetti

By jo anne

This needs to happen to me at some point!! Who wouldn’t want to shower with confetti and glitter!!

This is such a great idea and can be used for all occasions whether you have a New Years Eve party, Wedding Shower, or even a Birthday Party!!! In love with this image!!

Confetti shower ohgoodiedesigns

Glam Party: Black and White with Gold

By jo anne


Im drawing so much inspiration from this party seen on The Sweetest Occasion

It’s nearing the time for my daughter’s Glitz & Glamour birthday party.


I love the simple yet sophisticated look of this party!


See more here!


I swear I had planned on doing this to the pink flamingos in my attic!! LOL! I’m not even joking!


Welcome Baby! Shabby Daisy Invite Suite

By jo anne

One of our favorite customers, Jenn of Portraits by Jenn recently hosted a baby shower.

We designed this suite for her of bright colors and daisies. We love how she used the bright pops of color and fun accents.

This suite will be available in the shop this week. Perfect for those Spring events!

Confetti Chic: Rehersal Dinner Inspiration

By jo anne

This lovely rehersal dinner was designed and styled by Bird Dog Wedding .

And I love it!!!

Annie + Tyler’s bridal party and family were the lucky guests at this amazingly beautiful event as seen on

 The Sweetest Occasion.

gorgous photography by Kristin Light Photography

Back to School:Library Book Inspired Wedding Invitation

By jo anne

“Check this out!”

How darling is this book inspired wedding invitation?

I love this and so did the guests I’m sure.

Can you just imagine the decor at this wedding? Books, books, books as props. Too cute and creative. Happy Wishes to this Happy Couple!

{this was seen online with no credit to the design}


Color Dye Tissue Decor: A DIY

By jo anne


This week’s DIY Bride series continues with one of my most favorite to-dos.

I love all the tissue decor on the party scene these days. To think this stuff  has been sitting around in warehouses for years not being used.

Now, due to it’s ease and cost effective impact, it’s a must have for today’s party stylist.

I remember these accordian tissue streamers hanging at most affairs as a child. It meant party time where I grew up (San Antonio…think Fiesta) so I guess that’s why I have a soft spot in my heart for any and all tissue decor. :)

For the bride wanting to add a tinge of color or dress up her dessert table or dancefloor, it’s never been easier that to dip dye your tissue.

From napkins to party streamers, it’s a non stop water color effect.

Get the step by step how to over at

 The Sweetest Occasion.


Your Bridal Bouquet: A DIY

By jo anne

image source

With wedding expenses shooting through the roof, some Brides may choose to take on a few DIY ideas themselves. There are many sites that can help with this. One of them being Pinterest for sure. The DIYer in all of us surely shines with that accessible format.

While some things I advise my Brides not to do, flower arranging can be fun, and if you like to give it a try, it can provide an ample savings for your budget. Please practice as it really isn’t as easy as it may seem. Arranging flowers , centerpieces and bouquets is very time consuming, and messy. I’ve swept up bundles of stems and leaves off my kitchen floor over the years (and I do not call myself a florist). This post is for the Bride on a tight budget, one having a smaller wedding, or one who loves to take the reigns and has access to a local market with beautiful flowers.

Here is a DIY for making your own bouquet, or bouquets for that matter, courtesy of 

  Love and Lavender.

Now, my mantra is “leave it to the professionals” and I truly believe that this is true. Your wedding day is your day to relax and take in the excitement that is all about you and your groom. Taking on too much will surely leave you wishing you had eloped, but having a beautiful wedding and doing  some things yourself is important to some Brides and I understand that.

Share this tutorial with your family and others who may agree to help. Having an experienced and knowledgeable florist is also a good idea too, so please be willing to communicate with several before making the decision to produce your own bouquets.  I have several that I love to recommend so contact us for a local source if you feel this is too much to conquer.

Being Father of the Bride:Happy Father’s Day

By jo anne


As we think towards Father’s Day I think of my favorite movie of all time. The movie that made me want to plan weddings. I mean who didn’t love Frank?

This movie I could watch over and over again. I cry every time, and I laugh harder too.  It also reminds me of my wedding day and my Father. The overflowing gown, the flowers I spent loads of money on and the loud organ singing me down the aisle, in the church I grew up in, with standing room only, that was all just the details that I dreamt about in the months leading up to the big day.

What was really important to me was that my Father was there. He was diagnosed with cancer the year before my wedding. The first thing that crossed my mind was “Who’s going to walk me down the aisle?” I needed my Father to be there. He needed to be there too. He fought his illness to be there that night. For me, for my Mother and for himself. 

To play the part of Father of the Bride is such an important role. To walk daddy’s little girl to the man that will take his place, is a huge honor. Unfortunatly, my Father didn’t make it to my sister’s wedding. Sadly,  he passed away a year after mine. He was killed in a car accident. Taken from us in a way we were not prepared for.

So, for those of you in the midst of planning the big day, please be Daddy’s little girl for as long as possible.  Include your Father in as much as possible from decisions to be made to incorporating his talents into something special as a part of the wedding. My Father did beautiful calligraphy, so for nights, he sat and wrote out the envelopes to perfection to all the guests.  That was my Father’s special touch on my special day.  

Enjoy the walk of Daddy’s little girl.  Don’t let the aisle be the end of the journey.


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