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Spanish Wedding Invitations – Se le Invita!

By jo anne

Spanish Tile Invitations

Spanish Tile Invitations

You’ll want to capture the passion of Spain with these Spanish tile invitations for your wedding.

For an authentic feel, serve tapas, a classic Spanish appetizers. They are served as a wide range of small portions, each one featuring something a little different. These might include cold dishes such as olives or cheese or warm ones such as albóndlgas (meatballs in sauce), chopitos (fried squid) or patatas bravas (fried diced potato with salsa). A popular dessert food in Spain are churros, sticks of fried pastry similar in taste to a doughnut, which are dipped in hot chocolate.

To continue the theme from your invitations, music is so important.The characteristic Spanish sound is the flamenco guitar, associated with the city of Seville. Cost permitting, you could hire a live guitarist to play for your guests, but if you’re on a budget, try recordings of a revered flamenco guitarist such as Carlos Montoya.

Carry the colors from your invitations throughout your wedidng. Large floral displays could add color to the center of each table, though avoid dahlias and chrysanthemums because they are associated with funerals and death in Spain.

Brush up on your basic Spanish to get your guests in the mood for your wedding. “Hello” is “hola,” “how are you” is “como estas” and “goodbye” is “adios.” Say “muchas gracias” for “thank you very much” and “mucho gusto” for “pleased to meet you.” Refer to your friends as “amigo” or “amiga” for males and females respectively.  Incorporating the sayings into your invitations would be adorable also!

Encourage your guests to come in Spanish-themed outfits. For men, consider renting matador or torero costumes and long flamenco dresses for women. For guests on a budget, simple costumes can be constructed. A long, flowing dress and fan will suffice for women, and a red shirt and sash with black trousers and shoes will give men a passably Spanish look for your wedding.

Inflate + Celebrate! Balloon Invitations by Oh Goodie Designs + Events

By jo anne

Birthday Ballooner Gray for Oh Goodie Designs

Inflate + Celebrate!

Our custom designed and printed balloon invitations take the cake!

These are sold as individual balloon invites of can come fully boxed along wit a custom designed and printed invite insert (just in case the balloon pops!), hand cut confetti and sealed with address label.

Carnival Invitation by Harper Gray for Oh Goodie Designs

Carnival Balloon

Wee can hardly keep up with the orders as they fly off the virtual shelves!

What balloon can we design for you?

Back to School:Library Book Inspired Wedding Invitation

By jo anne

“Check this out!”

How darling is this book inspired wedding invitation?

I love this and so did the guests I’m sure.

Can you just imagine the decor at this wedding? Books, books, books as props. Too cute and creative. Happy Wishes to this Happy Couple!

{this was seen online with no credit to the design}


Vintage Circus Wedding: Step Right Up!

By jo anne


You can set the mood for your big event months in advance with a save the date. The save the date not only announces your plans and helps guest make arrangements for attending, but will get them excited for months to come as they envision your day from the truly unique peice of paper they have recieved. The invitation coordinates with the vintage circus feel and who wouldn’t want to be under the big top for this grand event?

Here is one of my favorites wedding suites from Southern Fried Paper.

Luxe Inspired Shower Invite: Set the Mood

By jo anne

These beautiful invitations  set the mood for this Sip-n-See perfectly. The colors and luxe feel set the tone and are unique. The invite is slid inside one of the popular glassine bags and tied with twine and a charm. Confetti slips out as you receive the invite from the bag.

What a wonderful way to start the party! I love these colors and this invitation makes me really happy.

hop over to Kara’s Party Ideas  for the full party.

Laura’s Splash Party: A Summer Celebration!

By jo anne

When this client contacted me for a pool party for her daughter, I was eager to begin the party planning. They knew just what they wanted from the colors to the cake. We started with this fun balloon invite that was delivered in a tube filled with confetti. The guests had to inflate the balloon to read the invite. So fun!

{the extras made for fun decor}

A candy bar welcomed Laura’s friends. Color coordinated candies were readily available for their sweet tooth.

Our dessert table was spread with an adorable cake, cupcakes, beach ball cake pops and cookies.

A photo booth was tons of fun!

The kids had a blast just being together in the pool. Snow Cones, daiquiris and fresh made popcorn filled tummies until the Food Truck arrived with our dinner.

As the sun set the DJ’s  music got louder and the kids danced the night away under the lights.

 Glow in the dark cotton candy was a sweet snack on the dance floor!

{see the how to here + image source}

Favors were handed out at the end of the night. Cabana stripe towels with a custom water bottle lit with a neon bracelet.

It was great fun planning this party for Laura. Many thanks to all who helped make this party a huge success!

A big splash thank you goes to Kimberly Scott Creative for her photography!

Conceptualization, coordinating and styling: OGD+StyleInspired

custom cups, napkins: oh goodie designs

Party tassels, crepe paper streamers, candy dot cake decor, custom cookies and handmade cake stands: CookieCraft/ PartyCreative

Cake and cupcakes: 2tarts bakery

Beach Ball cake pops: ~bon bon~

Graphic suite and tube invites: Harper Gray for oh goodie designs

Extra large polka dot balloons: Whimsical Printables

Confetti Dots: Just Toss It

By jo anne

So I was on a wild hunt these past few days for circle dot confetti.

I wanted it for a party I am coordinating. I love confetti and wanted it to resemble fish bubbles inside of an invitation I was designing with Harper Gray.

Then I thought, Ok I can just make this, but after my 2″ punch eating uphalf of my tissue paper, I was like, no I can’t.

So, in case you ever are in the need of circle dot confetti, here is your link.


perfect and beautiful for that happy couple’s get away, around aIf cake stand or adding to that perfectly cute invite.

Also available is this hand cut confetti from

 The Flair Exchange

Either way it’s fun and festive, just toss it!


Neon Party Inspiration

By jo anne

 When I saw this shoot on


I instantly fell in love.

 Good thing these two people fell in love too, so that their friends could shower the bride with a beautiful Neon Inspired Bridal shower.

The shower titled,  Make Her Heart Glow can be seen here.

 I love the details and the colors make my heart glow.

I love the way the popcorn is displayed!

Who doesn’t love the neon color trend? 

Keeping it stylish, this is a great on trend way to celebrate!


When to Say Thank You

By jo anne

image source

Long before I heard it from Martha, the importance of sending a hand written thank you note was instilled in me by my parents, especially my Dad.  He was forever encouraging us to send a hand written note of thanks anytime anyone did anything thoughtful…and by encouraging, I mean insisting. 

I know who to thank, what to thank them for, why to say thank you and how to write a thank you note…I am having trouble with the WHEN to write a note and I need your help.

I am fresh off of a fabulous celebratory train party for my three year old son, styled by Oh Goodie Designs (pictures coming soon!) and I JUST mailed my thanks you notes yesterday…8 days after the party.  I am embarrassed to admit this and horrified to see it in black and white.  I used to follow the 24 hour rule and I’m not sure what happened…besides adding my young sons into the mix.  But I don’t want to make excuses, I want your help. 

What is your method in sending out timely thank you notes?  I would love to hear your system, your encouragement, even your lectures.  I have no excuses- I have the stationary, the stamps, the list of gifts and the addresses. I really do WANT to thank my friends and Family for making Tommy feel so special.  The only thing I can think of is that it takes me a day or two to “come down” after a party…but I don’t think Martha would say that and I’m SURE she would not thank me for saying that.

Thanks for reading!
Janel Perez, M.S., L.P.C.

balloon invitations

By jo anne

up! up! and away!!

take your event and guest’s invites to new heights with balloons.

I adore these 2 ways to use balloons in your invitation.

Such a cute idea as seen on Oh Happy Day

use a tiny water balloon  filled with helium and hand deliver the balloon in a  box.


Another way that may last a bit longer is to insert your invite into the balloon and add a tag that reads POP ME!! 

Your guests will receive the invite (and don’t forget to add some confetti) as it pops open to their delight.

This great idea was seen on Balloon Time.

Start your party off with a BaNg with these great ideas!!

Of course nothing is more amazing than these balloons from bon bon balloons.

If you really can go above and beyond, attach a your invite to these huge balloons in a box!

Check out their facebook page to see their coupon for Easter!! What a perfect gift!!

We all are in love with balloons as they are raising high as the party trend of the year!

Take a look at  TomKat Studios new balloon party line! Adorable, enough said!!

How cute to use these ideas in your next balloon party!!

 How will you use balloons at your next party? I’d love to know!


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