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Style Forecast: Four More Years of Fantastic Fashion

By jo anne

It’s no secret, I’m a democrat. If you follow me you like me so therefor let’s be friends.

All politics aside, I love Michelle Obama and her girls. My  12 year old daughter is dying to get either outfit worn by Malia or Sasha.

Their look was great and complimentary in unison. And besides who looks that good after midnight? I’m so proud of this election and what it means for our country. I ‘m also looking forward to watching these girls grow into young adults and the grace in which they do it.

Follow Mrs. Obama and her fashions on my new favorite website, Mrs. O.

Custom Party Products: It’s What We Do!

By jo anne

Every little detail counts at any event.

Add to your special day with a variety of custom products like cups, napkins, coasters, matches and more with custom party products by Oh Goodie Designs.

Our graphic desingers can work with you until you are perfectly pleased with your design.

Contact us any time for a quote. Turnaround times are about 2 weeks although rush orders are always avaialable.

We’re looking  forward to helping you!!

Thursday Therapy: Your Creative Process

By jo anne

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Whether you are inventing a piece of art, writing a story or creating music most folks agree there is a creative process that one goes through.  Although the details of the process may look different for each person, the outline remains the same and goes something like this:
Step 1:  Plan and Practice Step 2:  Begin to Create Step 3:  Revise Step 4:  Add Finishing Touches Step 5:  Share and Reflect
I would like to add a Step 6:  The Sugar Crash
You may be experiencing The Sugar Crash right now.  Halloween is over.  The decorations can come down and the costumes put away.  For many of us, after we create something, even if it is a wonderful Halloween evening, we experience a lull once it’s over.  A low point, respite, silence, a calmness.  For some of us it is a feeling of satisfaction.  Feeling proud of what we accomplished and ready for the next challenge.  For others, it is a time of grief.  It is not easily identified as grief, but with every creation comes an end to that creation, and with that a period of grief. 
Your creation is a reflection or extension of you.  Creating something is putting yourself out there to be judged and, depending on where you fall on the shyness scale, being judged could be a sensitive time for you.  On one side, an extrovert tends to thrive on action, feedback and collaboration.  Creating and figuratively exposing ones self brings them energy and makes them feel alive.
On the other side, an introvert prefers to work more alone than in groups, can be hesitant or sensitive to feedback and usually requires a period of rest after creating. 
There is not a correct answer to this–it has to do with temperament.  Figuring out where you fall on the spectrum can be very helpful in identifying patterns that exist for you.  The sugar crash does not have to be a negative thing if you can learn how to incorporate it into your creative process.
Happy November~
Janel Perez, M.S., L.P.C.

Thursday Therapy: Finding Your Own Style

By jo anne

Growing up in the shadow of my two sisters was intimidating.  One grew up to be a successful business owner and the other grew up to be a successful business owner:)  They are both self made business women who identified their passion, their style and created a life and a business that supported it.  Everything they touch is dripping with their aesthetic.  EVERYTHING.  Even my kids, who are 2 and 3, can identify a gift or card from either of them on sight. 

There was no way I could compete.  When I tried to match their taste, I failed.  If I tried to imitate either of them, it would look like a joke.  So, I inevidently did what any other middle child would do–if I could not be better, I would be different.
It has taken me years to find my style.  I kinda always had an idea of what I thought it was, but couldn’t have put it into words like my sisters can.  The truth is, style evolves.  Just as we evolve, our style, that which represents us, evolves.  Once I stopped trying to define my style, my style rose to the surface and became truly representational.  My style has had yet another growth spurt with the addition of my husband and children.  Seeing the world through their eyes has elevated my style to our style.
Once I stopped trying to force style to happen, it happened authentically.  It was there all along–just like it is for you.  We each have our own way for creating, of styling, of adding beauty into our world.  Listen to your instinct and cultivate what you love and your style will appear.   
As we enter the holiday season, it is a wonderful time of year to experiment with your style.  Decorate.  Trust yourself.  Tweak.  Readjust.  Go for it.  Allow yourself to create or recreate.   Have fun!
Have a styling week~
Janel Perez, M.S., L.P.C.  

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